Monday, April 20, 2015

So many changes

Rest Stop

First of all.  I am now in the south.  I am with Elder Hernandez in Por Venir Choluteca.  My comp is rather new, but he is cool and he teaches well.
Our ward is really excited about missionary work, so that helps us out a lot.  I am excited to be working here.
Its hard to explain how much I drink here to sustain the constant sweating.  I am drinking about 5 liters a day.
I am happy and still working. That is what is important.
I am keeping to the basics. I wake up, I do exercise, I eat breakfast, I shower, and I begin to study.
Things are so weird.  I don+t even know what to say.
The thing I learned this week was from this old member who said something I interpreted as wise.  It went something like...
The experiences of today are written in the journal, but they can´t prepare you for the trials of tomorrow.  It reminded me that we are all in a state of constant progress.  That we must constantly stay close to god.
I am happy.
Elder Henrie

I have so many random goals.
Eat healthier.
Get a Costco Card.
Get Married.
Get a desktop computer upgrade.
Get a large smartphone.
Not ¨Die*¨in the mission.  To continue working until the end.
Not play video Games.
Concentrate on my studies by studying in the library.
Loving life.