Monday, April 27, 2015

Q & A

Note from Mom:  I don't think there has been a week on his mission that Graig hasn't written a blog post. He seemed to be distracted this week registering for his BYU classes this fall.  I pieced together this post from about 4 emails he sent this week.

Q. Have you been able to do any site seeing in your new area?
A.  Not yet.  Next week we are suposably going to the beach.

Q.  Did you sign up for an orchestra class?
A. Yes I did sign up.

Q. How safe are you?  
A. Super safe.

Q. Are there lots of Gangs where you are?  
A. No.  And if there are they aren´t active.

Q. Isn't the south where you started your mission?
A. Yes.  But in San Lorenzo.

Q. Do you have lots of people you are teaching?
A. We have a lot of potential investigators

Mom: You should send pictures of where you live.
Graigry:  I tried, I will try again this week.  (I get the feeling there isn't very good internet where he is.)

The other day, Your picture fell off the wall in the hall upstairs, rolled on its side down the first flight of stairs, tipped so as to slide between the bars on the banister, and fell to the basement where it landed face up.  I wouldn't believe it but I watched the whole thing.  Not to worry, it didn't even break.

Graigry's reply:
They say in the mission that when your plack lifts up, its because your family (or your girlfriend) is thinking of you.
Now I know the equivilent at home.

Thank you for everything mom.