Monday, June 29, 2015

How to be Invincible mind is still processing this day.  

The baggy part of me is like ¨10, 10, 10, 10¨ and my heart is like ¨OH MY, I have had like 2 years here and I am leaving it, how will I ever recuperate_¨.
My conciense mind doesn´t process it yet.  It´s just on autopilot.  Teach, contact, ect.
This is my last full week in Honduras for who knows how much time.  I want to return, but I have so much waiting for me there.  I have so much to do.
Within 10 days I will leave these loving hands that have cared for me for so long...and I return to the loving hands that have cared for me since birth.
It seems appropriate that Olive was born this last week.  Its how I feel. I was 19 years in pre mission life, 2 years in the womb of the mission, and now I have to be reborn.
I want to know what will be different, what will be the same, I honestly don´t know.  I just ask that God helps me make it a good change.
Thank you everyone for supporting me for so long.  I know that my mission is not only mine, its everyone's.
I am so tired, and yet every day my body finds the strength to get up and follow the routine.  Months of developing habits are now maintaining me.  Want to know why the church pushes so hard that people learn to do good things really young, because it helps them push forward when things are not so bright and beautiful.
I have loved every moment, and I will treasure these last few like a cactus stores water from the desert storms. 
I don´t think that my mind will process everything until the plane takes off.  It still hasn´t settled in yet.
I am sharing an area with another missionary that fufilled a year this last week.  I bought him a cake and carefully meditated in the future.  I have so much in front of me and it seems like a marvelous adventure.  I don´t know if you guys have been able to feel the change, but the only thing I can say is that I am now very sure who I am.
I am a child of God.  That means that although I have problems and difficulties, I have the capacity to overcome anything.  I am invincible as long as I have him with me.
I am so happy.
Thank you,
Elder Henrie