Sunday, June 28, 2015

Missions are the Best, Plans for when he gets home

Sorry for the sad lack of pictures this week.  But that´s ok right?
I have been busy this week.  I feel like we worked harder than any other week.
I now officially have less days left in the mission than my companion has months.  That´s a little weird.
I am still doing good.  I follow the rules and I work hard.
I don´t reaaly now what to say.  I mean, I can answer all your crazy questions in about 3 weeks.
I love you guys.
For all you guys preparing to go on a mission.  It is the best.  Its like a movie, but real.  And its awsome!
Thank you for all your support.

Instructions for when he get home:

First of all.  Thanks for all you are already doing to help me come down running from the airplane.  I have this weird fear that if I don´t stay busy I will just melt.
I would like to get a phone as soon as possible after getting back.  If possible, like...Friday the 10th of July
I promise its a little more than just tech starvation after 2 years.  Its important for me to stay in contact with people here, and also it will be key in my looking for work and all that stuff.  Depending on how dead my computer is, I will wait on getting more technology.  I want to take it slowly.
As for the rest of it, please don´t go too crazy.  I am tired of everything fried and fatty, so if you can feed me just as healthy as you did before the mission (maybe more so) I will be happy.  I feel like I need it.
Just to warn you guys, based on the time I get in to SLC, I will probably do hugs, kisses, and then want to sleep.  But I really don´t know.  I may be so full of nervous energy that I won´t be able too.  The good thing is that Honduras is on the same schedule.
Anything you want me to bring from Honduras?  I am planning on bringing some things back to you guys.  I promise I won´t go too crazy, but there are some things here that you can´t get anywhere else.
Other than that I just wanted to tell you that I am fantastic and that I am loving life.  Utah feels like a dream, and it will be really weird to go back.  Especially that I  have the habit now to sleep on transportation and I probably won´t even notice the 7 hour flight.
If there is anything I can do to help you guys, just tell me.
By the way mom, I love you so much.  I know I have told you a lot in the mission,  but I feel like a reminder can´t help.  Thank you for everything you give and have given me.  The goal is to be the least of a burden I can for you guys when I get back.  I now understand how expensive it is.
Thank you for everything.  I love you guys.
Elder Henrie