Monday, June 30, 2014

Good Changes

So, I will write this quickly....

This week, we had CHANGES.  I happily packed my companion´s bags and took him to La Esperanza (the name of the church where we meet).  My new companion is Elder Parker from Virginia.  He is pretty chill, he has a little more time than me in the mission.  He was already here in the city, but in another zone.

That meant that the first two days of the week were packing and saying goodbye.  They didn`t give us the changes until really late (apparently the President kept on making more changes).  I think that the President, knowing this was his last changes, wanted to leave the new President with as few problems as possible, so made an extra effort to make sure that all the changes were by revelation.  I am happy with mine!

I have already seen a change in the work and in the energy that we have working.  We plan on working up a storm here.  I am very excited.

As for Elder Capacho, he went to Yuscaran to train a new Elder, and he is the new Branch President.  The triple responsibility will help him grow, and I`m excited for him.

Other than that, nothing really exciting happened this week.  We just did what missionaries do!

Elder Henrie

Some Q & A with Mom:
Q. Where in VA is your companion from?  
A. Great Falls.

Q. What is his family like?  Is he the oldest, youngest?
A. He is the penultimo (second to last).  He has 4 kids too.  His mom is from Argentina and teaches english as a second language.  His dad is a radio engineer.

Q. What do you have in common?
A. We have a lot.  He is chill.

Q. How old is he?
A. 21

Q. Is he musical?
A. Yes.  He plays the piano.

Q. Does he have a girlfriend?
A. No.

Q. How long has he been a member of the church?
A. All his life.