Monday, June 9, 2014

Pretty Normal Week with a Baptism

This week was good.

The best news is that we had a baptism.  Hermana Berta has been listening to the missionaries a long time now, and she has always said she wanted to be sure.  This time she decided she was.

Her baptism was beautiful, and private, meaning, not a lot of people showed up.  That was disapointing for us, seeing as we even announced it in church last week.  But it was good.

We worked a lot with her this week, making sure she was ready.  

The best thing I learned this week was how to make better Baleadas.  I have made them many times, but the masa (dough) has always come out hard.  Hermana Berta taught me how to make them better, and I tried it with the missionaries while on divisions with Elder Garcia.  The were fantastic.

We played a little water volley ball today, and then we came to write.

I still love my area, there is always something new to do, something new to find.  No 2 days are the same.  On Friday, while doing service, I found an aluminum chain bracelet, it is now a necklace on my stuffed moose (gift from Christmas).

We found some new people, and talked with the old ones.

It was a pretty normal week.

Elder Henrie