Monday, June 16, 2014


Note from Mom:  I just couldn't do a blog post for Graig without a picture.  When he said he played the violin in church this is what I pictured in my head, although I'm sure he looks much older now.  This picture was taken during his Senior Violin Recital in 2012.

In general this week was very good.

The biggest thing was that Berta was confirmed.  It was the first confirmation that I have been asked to participate, and it was a good feeling.  

I know that baptism is essential, but that it also has 2 parts.  The second part is just as special, and seals the ordinance.

I found out there is a Van Huesen store in our area (yes, its an american brand), and the stuff is cheaper here!  I only bought 2 ties, but my companion also bought a blender (it also sells household products).  I have no idea what he will do with it, but it will be interesting to see!

We had a conferencia de Zona (Zone Conference) this week.  Our last with President Hernandez.  It was the first time I have seen him cry.  He made it very clear to us that he loved us and wanted us to be the best we could be.  As missionaries, and fathers, and as men.  

All of the talks were well prepared and to the point, but the one prepared by a nervous Elder Henrie.  I was chosen from the audience to talk about the atonement (which was the focus of our personal study for the Month of May).  I think I basically talked about how I know that Jesus did the atonement because he loves us and knows our potential.  For him, the pain was worth it because now we can rise to be like God.  I talked about how we can share this with the people, that they have a potential that they can reach by Christ.

I also liked a lot a talk by one of the assistants about rededicating ourselves.  He talked about that when temples have changes made, they have to be rededicated to the Lord.  He challenged us to rededicate ourselves to the work and to being clean and holy like the temple.  It was very good.

Hermana Hernandez talked about how we need to have faith, and we need to remember the things that have happened.  We need to remember that Faith has done miracles in our lives, and this can strengthen us later.

The entire conference focused on finding our weaknesses and being better por medio de La Expiacion (by the atonement).  It was fantastic.

We also had a NDH with the president on Sunday.  I was asked to play the violin.  I borrowed a member`s violin and the member and I went.  We found another person there with a violin and so we decided to do a duet (we hadn`t practiced anything).  What followed was a miracle...we looked at a poor wayfaring man of grief and we quickly decided how we were going to play it.  Then, after tuning the violins, we just played it.  

I was told it was good, and sounded practiced, which was a miracle!

It was a good week with many tender mercies of the Lord.

Everyone here has Mundial (World Cup) fever, but that's normal for Honduras!

Thank you for all your support!

Elder Henrie