Monday, June 23, 2014

Slow Week

I have really learned to appreciate how much bigger futbol (soccer) is here than in the USA.  Everyone watches the mundial (World Cup), except a few people.  One told me that the mundial was vain, and it distracted people from what should be important, which is God.  Based on what I have seen, he has reason.  It means I have had to learn a lot about futbol these few weeks.  Everyone here is cheering the USA, because they don`t like Mexico and because Honduras will probably be out before the end of this week.

We made curascos today for our activity, it was very rico and totally worth it.

I am happy and content.  

Have a good week, I know I will (I always manage to have a good week, Thanks God!).

Elder Henrie

Graig wasn't sure he had anything to say this week so I tried to help him along with 
some Q & A:

Q.  Are there some branch members you are getting along well with or who are helpful in your missionary work?
A.  Yes.  We are blessed to have a lot of energized people.  We also have a lot of missionaries leaving, and several returning.

Q. What are the people like down there? Is money tight, or are you in a richer part of the neighborhood? 
A. We have half and half, and the difference is prominent.

Q.  Describe one thing you have learned or thought about this week.
A. Changes.  They are so unsure and slighly scary.

Q.  How are you sleeping?  Fallen asleep in any more strange places?
A. I am sleeping fantastic. No.

Q.  What are you doing for service?
A. We painted 2 houses this week.

Q. Did you already have your changes or are they this week?
A. They are this week.  We think that Elder Capacho will go.

Q. When will you get to meet the new mission president?
A. July 1 he arrives.  I don``t know when.

Q. Who is your favorite person to teach right now?
A. Gissela y Lideni.  Two sisters.

Q. Does the Ward feed you?  Do you have a cook?
A. They give us dinner, we cook the rest.

Q. Are you still washing your clothes by hand yourself?
A. Yes, but I think that will change.

Q. How do you feel like your Spanish is coming?
A. Muy bien gracias.

Q.  Please describe your apartment... where you eat, sleep, and study.
A. We have 2 rooms.  A bedroom, and a large kitchen-study area.

Q. How are your shoes/feet holding up?
A. My boots need a little glue, but everything is good.

Q. Is there a place in town where you can get your boots repaired?
A. Yea, an investigator says he can do it.

Q. How many members would you estimate in your branch/ward?
A. A lot.  About 90-100 come every Sunday.

Q. What are you reading right now in the Book of Mormon?  
A. I have not been reading all the way through.  Recently I was reading Moroni.  Moroni 7:35-37 is my new theme for this change.  It is now on the front of my new planner.