Monday, March 23, 2015

Enduring Happily to the end

My companion is totally a chef.  Those fish tacos you see there are his work.  I was at his side eating pasta.  I laugh every time that he talks of cooking because he talks about mixing flavors and making it look good.

I talk of how much food I can get for the price.

It has been a blessing because our cocinera moved, so we are cooking a lot more.

All the investigators that we had prepared for this month have come up with problems, so we are helping them develop trust in God and confidence in their decisions.  We did a lot of great work this week.

Being with Elder Silversmith again has reminding me a lot of the fundamentals that they teach in the MTC.  It has been good to remember all of them.  It helps me stay focused on what is my purpose.

I am doing great here in Paraiso, enduring happily to the end.  

Sorry I am writing so little these days.  Its because there isn`t much to write and the time flys.

Know that I am happy.  I am not perfect, but I now understand that those two things don`t go together.  Happy means that you are imperfect but satisfied that every day you try to improve.  Perfect means you have died and are in the celestial kingdom.  Seriously, its the only way.

Thank you for all the support that you have given me.

Elder Henrie