Monday, March 9, 2015

Still in Paradise

I am totally fantastic this week.  We had changes and I stayed in El Paraiso.

I am now with Elder Silversmith.  He is an awsome Elder from New Mexico.  He looks more latino, but is actually Native American.  His ancestors are Navajos.  I`ve already learned a lot from him.  He has a very unique perspective on the world.

I am super pumped to be here for another change.  I feel like all the seeds I have been placing for all this time are all coming to fruit.  I am now the oldest missionary (in terms of number of changes) in Paraiso.  The members know me and I know them.  Things are going great.

Our stake is going to be implementing a new missionary plan where the Ward mission leader has 2 assistents that have the ward divided into ^districts^.  These districts will have a Noche de Hermanamiento every week that they will invite people too.  It is basically an attempt to involve everyone in the MIssionary work but also to create a real ward family.  The idea is that noone loses touch because they know everyone.  They are even asking that they reorganize Home and Visiting teaching companionships to fit the districts.  The idea is to reduce the space and to heighten the friendship.

I personally think its a fantastic idea.  Its like an extension to the advice that Elder Duncan gave the missionaries a couple of months ago.

I am happy.  We have a great zone.  The only sad thing was I lost a couple of Hermanas in my district because one was sick and wasn`t improving.  It was sad to lose them, they were both great hermanas.

We have a great crazy group in Barrio Paraiso now.  There is a lot of energy in the group and everyone is friends.  It is a great start to a great change.

Thank you for your prayers and your love.  I love you too.

Invite a ton of people to General Conference!

ELder Henrie